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Sensei Phil Donaldson 3rd Dan

Philip Donaldson began his karate career in 1989 training at Slough Shotokan Karate in Wexham. Originally within the Karate Union of Great Britain - Enoeda Sensei's organisation, training and grading under Masao Kawasoe Sensei (8th Dan).
Our club followed Kawasoe Sensei into his own organisation, the United Kingdom Traditional Karate Federation. Philip achieved his Shodan (black belt) on 17th October 1993.
Still with UKTKF he moved to Suffolk and began training and instructing with Eastern Shotokan Karate Association in Norwich under Jason Hitchings Sensei, he started training regularly with Kawasoe Sensei at Addison Boys Club in London as well as attending many courses. He started his own ESKA satellite club in Diss, Norfolk also regularly teaching classes in the Aylsham Dojo.
Philip achieved his Sandan (3rd Dan) on 6th December 2006.
Over the years as well as training with Sensei Kawasoe and Sensei Enoeda, Philip has trained with, Sensei Nishiyama (9th Dan), Sensei Naito (8th Dan), Sensei Shirai (10th Dan), Kasuya Sensei (9th Dan), Tomiko Sensei (8th Dan), Sensei Simon Oliver (7th Dan), Sensei Dave Hazard (7th Dan) and Sensei Ronnie Christopher (6th Dan). 
Now back in Buckinghamshire with two of his very own little karateka Jamie and Mariella, he is delighted to have been asked to help instruct at Sunrise Shotokan Karate with Sensei Jim Kelly and Sensei Harry Wilson.
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