Sensei Jim Kelly 6th Dan

Discovered Shotokan Karate in Mexico City, where he studied under Yatoh Sensei and Matsura Sensei both from Japan, for a few years. Then back to London, and by recommendation from Yatoh Sensei, Jim contacted Enoeda Sensei at the then new Marshall Street dojo.

In 1972 I Joined the then newly established Shotokan Karate Centre (SKC) that became the International European Headquarters of the Japan Karate Association and also became the famous Marshall Street Club of central London. Here he was very privileged to train under Enoeda Sensei and also Enoeda Sensei’s highly revered senior instructor from Japan, Tomita Sensei.

Through time, Jim Kelly was also highly privileged to have trained under highly acclaimed doyens and outstanding legends of Shotokan Karate, like, Sensei Kawasoe, Sensei Ohta, Sensei Hashiguchi, Sensei Dave Hazard and alongside other senior karate practitioners  like Craig Raye, Roy Tomlin, Jim Lewis, Rod Butler, Sue Waughman, ‘Valerio’, Harry Wilson, and Tony Lacey; who have in turn, achieved great things in Shotokan Karate.

Course instructors have included British legends like Sensei Andy Sherry, Sensei Terry O’Neil, Sensei Steve Cattle and Sensei Bob Poynton , to name a few; as well as many distinguished guest instructors from the JKA in Japan.

The crowning glory took place within a Crystal Palace course, as one of a thousand others, being taught by Sensei Enoeda mentor, Master M. Nakayama.
To date Sensei Jim Kelly has been involved in teaching and training in traditional shotokan karate for 50 years.

Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 1st dan black belt. JKA/KUGB
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 2nd dan black belt JKA/KUGB
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 3rd dan black belt JKA/KUGB
Graded under Enoeda Sensei for 4th dan black belt JKA/KUGB
Awarded / Graded  5th Dan black belt SSK
Awarded  / Graded  6th Dan black belt SSK

For many years Jim was the Chairman of the SKC Marshall Street committee at Enoeda Sensei’s Dojo.
Traditional Shotokan Karate will always remain Jim’s primary passion; however, he also enjoyed practising Ju-Jitsu under Gary Reece Sensei and Reece Sensei’s mentor Master M. Morris and much further back he did schoolboy boxing to championship level, pre head-guards!