What is Karate?
Karate is the practice and development of blocking and striking techniques for the purpose of self defence, health and self-development. Regular training in Karate not only improves the body's physical stamina and suppleness but also produces the mental calm and assurance which comes from knowing you can defend yourself.

Karate is an excellent form of physical conditioning.
Flexibility, strength, stamina and aerobic training are all
included in a typical session.

You Can Do IT
These classes have been designed for absolute beginners (including Higher grades) and instruction is given in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner. They will inspire confidence and self-belief. It's not just younger people who take up Karate, Many folk in their fifties and sixties join for the first time to avail themselves of the countless benefits that training in Karate brings.

Self Confidence
Karate is one of the best means of building confidence. In children, traditional Karate training helps to prepare a child for life (the school bully, pressure of exams and most importantly, the building of self-esteem). A child's school achievement often improves after a period of Karate training, due to improved self-confidence and enhanced concentration. An aggressive child may be calmed by the discipline of training and Karate's emphasis on self-control.

From the outset, children are taught that Karate is primarily defensive, not offensive. During the first few weeks of training, children learn basic etiquette. Emphasis is placed on politeness and respect for their fellow students, instructors and parents. They soon become aware that good manners consist of having consideration for others.

Children react to discipline very well, and once disciplined for a short period, are encouraged to develop self-discipline. Focusing their minds on the job in hand is important, whether it be learning a complicated sequence of moves in Karate or sitting an exam at school. Many parents notice a marked improvement in their child's powers of concentration once Karate training has commenced.

Karate for Life
Armed with their Karate skills, self-control, self-esteem and respect for others, these people grow into fine young men and women. Well equipped to deal with the rigors of modem life in this harsh world, these adults of tomorrow will become fine citizens and contribute much to the society in which they live and work.